2015 Corporate Sustainability Report

This Sustainability Report provides a benchmark for determining how Scepter’s current operations impact society and the environment in order to know how, and where, improvements can be made.  The report intends to assure Scepter’s stakeholders that we are a company that invests in its community and employees and focuses on environmental stewardship.  As members of the Aluminum Association and the European Aluminum Association, Scepter strives to improve the aluminum industry’s broader added-value to society.

Our sustainability goals for 2015 were to:

  • Improve overall safety and environmental training of employees by providing 3,000 man-hours of training in 2015
  • Increase employee welfare by a 10% reduction in workplace injuries
  • Provide a strong philanthropic commitment to the communities we serve
  • Commit to an annual Corporate Sustainability Report that can be used to benchmark our progress and record our commitment to a sustainable future
  • Install new equipment to recycle 25% of salt waste generated prior to landfilling
  • Reduce landfilling of salt-free processing wastes by 25%

We are pleased to announce that these objectives have been met for 2015.  Our goals for 2016 include improving each of the above objectives by 5%.  Further, we intend to develop and adopt a Corporate Code of Conduct in 2016 and we will review our efforts to communicate our sustainability program and engagement to Scepter’s stakeholders.

Our company plays a valuable role in recycling aluminum.  Recycling aluminum helps reduce waste and also significantly reduces the energy requirement used relative to creating new aluminum.  However, the process of recycling aluminum does have consequences on the environment and the communities in which we operate.  Scepter continually looks at behaviors and technologies that it can adopt and invest in to reduce its negative impact.

Scepter would like to acknowledge the following highlights from this past year in our 2015 Corporate Sustainability Report:

  • Support of a local kindergarten class in Hungary
  • Contribution to kindergarten jumpstart programs in Indiana
  • Continued support of Gabriel in Saguenay, Quebec
  • Record company contributions to United Way in Tennessee
  • Strong supporter of: Special Olympics, Red Cross, Angel Flight, Tennessee Breast Cancer Awareness, and local churches in some of the communities where we are located