Environmental Policy

Scepter acknowledges that, as part of its foundation for long-term growth, the reasonable management of environmental elements and the limitation of harmful environmental effects must be taken into account.

Scepter is aware of its responsibility for the state of its environment.  We are committed to constantly improving our processes because a clean and healthy environment is not only an element of good working conditions, but also an essential part of social welfare.

Through the formation of our environment-centered control system, Scepter strives each day to satisfy new challenges and to improve the quality of its environment.  We support this goal by:

  • Employing the highest level of technology by which the level of utilization and emissions can be reduced
  • Paying special attention to economizing natural resources and organizing programs for the selective collection and recycling of industrial waste
  • Purchasing industrial waste recycling machinery, and work out environmental-protective technologies, to decrease the utilization of specific fuels
  • Evaluating, selecting and optimizing the activities of the work of subcontractors on the basis of the economic and environmental aspects
  • Constantly improving employee training
  • Encouraging employees to recognize the importance of our pro-environment initiatives
  • Forming a healthy and secure working environment by
    • establishing an environment-protective culture at the company
    • reducing contingencies
    • preventing unexpected events
  • Consistently complying with our environmental permits

Scepter constantly informs its partners about its environmental objectives, activities and results.