Recover-ABILITY: It's What We Do

The Scepter Group* is 100% dedicated to getting you the highest possible recovery from your material.  Scepter's customers rely on our ability to recover as much metal as possible from what is delivered.

We Take it a Step Further

  • Scepter frequently consults with customers on dross handling practices and techniques to maximize their value
  • Scepter collaborates with customers on scrap collection, skimming and remelt practices to attain the appropriate recovery for their specific operating procedures
  • Employees of companies of the Scepter Group are thoroughly trained to leverage our proprietary technology and process controls to ensure that the results are as expected


Chemistry Integrity

Remelt-scrap ingot requires processors to retain the chemistry of the material that was shipped without contaminating the alloy due to improper storage, handling or melting practices.  Scepter continually manages this process to avoid any alloy degradation.

Some of the plants in the Scepter Group have the capability to blend various alloys of scrap to make specification ingot.  This allows customers to send us a variety of materials in order to make a uniform grade of aluminum.  This requires experience, systems and furnace capabilities that many of our competitors do not have.




Scepter is committed to producing a quality product that meets each customer's unique requirements at a competitive price.

  • Scepter's standard operating procedures ensure that its best practices are followed by its operators
  • Control plans identify important control points in the manufacturing process
  • Preventive maintenance programs ensure the reliable delivery of expected results



Value is something that is difficult to define, but you know it when you see it.  Scepter believes that its combination of a fair price, excellent chemistry controls and high recovery rates creates the highest overall value for its customers.

Companies of the Scepter Group:

  • Own and operate three special-use, restricted-waste landfills.  Our knowledge of handling and managing recycling wastes provides security for our customers.
  • Pride themselves on material integrity.  Each tolling customer's material is kept separate and managed with a world-class production and inventory control system.
  • Have a strong geographic footprint as well as trading capabilities in critical industry areas.
  • Maintain a customer-focused orientation that is normally associated with family-owned businesses.
  • Are financially sound and growing to meet customer demands.
  • Are committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and integrity.  We work hard to maintain the trust and confidence of our customers.