Sustainability & Environmental Services

Scepter is strongly committed to an environmentally safe workplace as well as the responsible processing of manufacturing wastes and by-products.

  • All employees of the Scepter Group's* plants receive safety and awareness training.
  • All of Scepter's facilities are compliant for air, water and solid waste emissions.
  • Scepter's facility in Saguenay, Quebec, operates furnaces that generate minimal landfill products.


For more information on Scepter's Environmental Policy, please click here.


Self-Operated Landfills


Companies of the Scepter Group* own and operate three solid-waste, state-of-the-art construction, Type-II landfills to safely handle salt cake by-products.  We firmly believe that no secondary aluminum producer takes environmental responsibility more seriously than we do.

Scepter believes that conscious choices and deliberate pro-environmental practices are good for its communities,  its business and the industry.