• Became part of the Scepter* Group in 1988
  • Corporate headquarters
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Production capabilities include premium-quality rolling sheet ingot, specification ingot, molten metal, and remelt-scrap ingot (RSI) sows
  • Sheet ingot casting for up to 300 inches in length and 60,000 pounds in weight
  • Accepts all forms of aluminum scrap and dross, as well as primary ingot and UBCs
  • Rail access (CSX)
  • Salt cake and other process wastes are disposed of in an environmentally-approved, company-owned and operated landfill


Scepter, Inc. - Waverly Operations

1485 Scepter Lane

Waverly, Tennessee 37185

Contact Details

Phone: (931) 535-3565

Fax: (931) 535-3342